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Meet Dr. Jessica Jahiel

15 August 2011 One Comment

Dr. Jessica Jahiel’s teaching goal is to develop balanced, willing, forward horses and thoughtful riders.Ô Whatever the discipline, riding level, or breed, her most important goal is to make it easier for horses and riders to enjoy each other.

Internationally-acclaimed clinician Dr. Jessica Jahiel is the author of the award-winning book for adult working riders, RIDING FOR THE REST OF US: A Practical Guide for Adult Riders. (For those of you who haven’t seen the book, it’s a wonderfully refreshing look at how to achieve your riding goals while dealing with jobs, husbands, kids, and stress!)

Dr. Jahiel teaches dressage, jumping, and Holistic Horsemanship‘, an all-encompassing approach to horse and rider, emphasizing Communication, Cooperation, Balance and Harmony. Riders are taught more than just riding skills; they learn to consider the total horse in its total environment: how to deal with it outside the show ring; what its life is like, apart from its time under saddle; how its living conditions affect its health and behaviour, etc.

The horse/rider relationship is affected by many things: how the saddle fits, how the bit fits and whether it suits the horse, the horse’s exercise schedule, the warm-up, etc. Dr. Jahiel teaches riders to understand these and other issues. Riding skills are only one part of horsemanship — an important part, but a part nonetheless. Holistic Horsemanship‘ teaches the rider to deal with every aspect of horsemanship.

Dr. Jahiel’s teaching goal is to develop balanced, willing, forward horses and thoughtful, tactful riders. Certified by the American Riding Instructor Certification Program (ARICP) as an instructor of Dressage and Combined Training, she teaches both children and adults at all levels, and works with horses of all breeds and disciplines. Whatever the discipline, riding level, or breed, her most important goal is to make it easier for horses and riders to enjoy each other.

A popular lecturer, Dr. Jahiel is a regularly featured speaker at Equitana USA and at the ARICP National Seminar, and is the official liaison between the ARICP and the British Horse Society. Her column for “Riding Instructor” magazine has won awards, and her articles appear in many equine publications.

Other books by Dr. Jessica Jahiel include “The Horseback Almanac”, “The Parent’s Guide to Horseback Riding”, and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Horseback Riding”. Books scheduled to be published next year include thelong-awaited “Holistic Horsemanship”.

Dr. Jessica Jahiel explains Holistic Horsemanship ‘”:

“Holistic Horsemanship‘ is an all-encompassing approach to horse and rider. I incorporate many different things into individual lessons, as I deem them appropriate to the horse, rider, and situation. Some of them are: –

tack selection and fitting – horse conformation as it relates to your chosen form of riding – how form affects function – nutrition and management – passive stretching – trigger point myotherapy – rider body awareness – rider’s seat and performance – riding dialogue – dressage dynamics – training techniques and positive progress – sports psychology – competition psychology – managing competition nerves in horse and rider

Holistic Horsemanship‘ is dedicated to encouraging riders, owners, and trainers to take a more ‘holistic’ approach to their horses, their training, and their riding. At all levels, from beginners to advanced riders, I work with each horse-rider combination to help establish or improve their riding dialogue, and to improve the communication between horse and rider, so that the rider can understand the horse better, and communicate with it clearly and quietly.”

Jessica Jahiel, Ph.D., Author, Clinician and Lecturer
(217) 684-2570

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