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The Healing Power of Calendula

17 August 2011 No Comment

The Healing Power of Calendula
By: Cheyanne West

Homeopathic Calendula is probably the best remedy for healing ANY kind of cut, wound, ulcer, abrasion etc. Don’t believe me? Next time you get a paper cut, take a dose and see what happens! The healing power of this remedy is equally matched by it’s power to kill pain related to surgery, cuts, wounds, etc..

This remedy is for healing wounds of all kinds both internally and externally. It can be given internally to aid in healing from the inside out and topically to flush a serious wound or cut. It is highly effective after surgery to aid in healing and reduce scaring. It can be used as an eye drop to aid in healing scratches and combined with homeopathic Hypericum, can be very soothing. Historically, it has been used to heal punctures, abscesses, mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers, lacerations, ruptured ear drums, tooth extractions and has been very effective in healing ulcerations in the esophagus from ingestion of blister beetles and over use of pain killing drugs.

Calendula is very effective in healing torn ligaments, tendons and cartilage and combined with Ruta is very effective in the treatment of founder where rotation is due to the contraction of the tendons/ligaments.

Last summer I had an 8 year old mare grass founder. When she came into the paddock with the classic pose, leaning on her back feet. I treated her first with Aconite then Belladonna. The next symptom, she was resting the hoof on the toe of the left front foot. Ledum was given and a few hours later, she was not limping but visibly sore. I decided to try the combination of Calendula as a healing agent and pain killer for the tendons and ligaments and Ruta for aiding in restoring the elasticity of the tendon/ligaments and within 2 days she was walking normal.

I had underestimated the power of these two remedies for lameness, but had another surprise came when a gelding who had stretched a suspensory tendon and was placed on Bandimine for 3 weeks straight. The gelding coliced 3 different times, each time coming out of it but clearly stressed upon eating hay. We began a regiment of Aloe Vera Juice and Calendula in his drinking water. Four days later the gelding coliced again, very seriously and went into colic surgery. An interesting observation came from the surgeon. He said that the ulceration in his stomach, which was aggravated by the hay, “appeared to be healing on it’s own nicely”. The owner didn’t share the use of Aloe Vera and Calendula, but it was proof enough that the treatment was working .

Though I do not advocate the use of alternative therapies only in serious cases of colic, please do not underestimate the healing power of this remedy for any ulcer, cut, surgery under the heading of “healing”. It should be readily available along side your Arnica and other remedies used in your emergency kit.

Editors Note: For questions regarding homeopathic remedies, you can contact Cheyanne West at AskCheyanne@TodaysHorse.com.

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